Our company was established in 2006 to recycle and export scrap metal. Since 2008, it has started producing ingots from non-ferrous metals and has made a positive contribution to the country's economy by producing ingots of raw materials in accordance with international standards, which many public and private companies in Algeria have need. In 2011, it brought a modern factory to our country to produce brass billets and bar profiles. With its professional and experienced staff, it has become an important place for the export and the local market.

  • Pioneer in the industry of our country
  • La Cablerie Algerienne (copper ingots)
  • BCR, FLR, SLR (brass ingots and bars)
  • ANABIB, ALFAT (alemyllium ingots) 
    companies are our important references.

Our company started to supply machines, equipments and consumables in order to contribute to the development and the blossoming of the foundry industry in Algeria Along with the development policies of the Algerian government in the industrial sector, investments continue to generate domestic production, particularly in the automotive and defense industries. The company SARL A.C.P will continue to contribute to the economy and employment of the country in accordance with its vision.